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S.No. Title Date Attachment Category Document Type
1 Ensure confidentiality of Aadhaar linked data Wednesday, April 26, 2017 PDF icon Ensure_ confidentiality_of_Aadhaar _linked _data_0.pdf Swachh Bharat Mission Other Imp Doc
2 Poem on SBM Monday, October 26, 2015 PDF icon Devendra 123 new.pdf Swachh Bharat Mission Other Imp Doc
3 Solar pump project: List of Habitations to be targetted PDF icon 4-Solar_pump_project.pdf Water Other Imp Doc
4 Guidelines for use of 5% earmarked Water Quality funds PDF icon 3-latest_prevention_and_control_of_japanse_Guidelines_for_use_of_5_%_earmarked_Water_Quality_funds.pdf Water Other Imp Doc
5 IInd installment release of NRDWP - ASA. Microsoft Office document icon 2-ASA_Format_ Proposal_for_release_of_IInd_Instt._Checklist.doc General Other Imp Doc
6 Letter for IAP district regarding solar power dual pump for PWS PDF icon 1-Solar_energy_based_dual_0.pdf Water Other Imp Doc