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Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation
Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation- Government of India
 » Water Security Pilot projects
Water Security Pilot projects

Deliberation in the International workshop on Achieving Drinking Water Security in Water stressed and Quality-affected Areas on 25-26 May 2010 focused on the need for measurement of the various parameters of ground water for its effective management. Elaborating on ‘it is difficult to manage what is not measured’ the then Hon’ble Minister for Rural Development, Dr. C.P.Joshi, expressed the need for addressing different dimensions of drinking water security which include 1) Unit of management – district, block or panchayat, 2) Rural to Urban transition and disparities – minimum tariffs and standards, 3) Issues of agricultural power subsidies and energy component in drinking water to enable appropriate pricing and recovery 4) Conjunctive storage in aquifers and rainwater harvesting systems, and 5) Demand and supply side management of water.


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