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Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation
Ministry of Drinking Water & Sanitation- Government of India
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Support Activities

NRDWP (Support): 5% of NRDWP funds will released to States every year for undertaking software support activities. No additional fund will be provided by GoI for these activities beyond the allocated amount. All the Support activities indicated below are likely to continue for the 12th Five Year Plan also. For this, each State should set up a properly staffed Water and Sanitation Support Organisation (WSSO) under the State Water and Sanitation Mission. WSSOs have to be staffed by experts in social development, human resource development, communication and IT skills and other areas as required by them in addition to engineering and technical staff that they may already be having; These funds will be utilised, inter alia, for :

  • Providing support for awareness creation and training activities taken up by the Communication and Capacity Development Units (CCDU) under the WSSO;
  • Setting up district and sub divisional water quality testing labs and supply of field test kits and training to grass root level workers for simple water quality tests;
  • Providing hardware and software support for MIS at the district and sub divisional level to bring in more accountability, effective monitoring and transparency in delivery of services.


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